Our health service’s biggest payouts

Scroll down to find out about some of the biggest NHS payouts over the last 10 years...


Location: West Midlands

100 year old woman dies from dehydration in hospital after drip is removed.

£2.1 million + annual payouts of £205k

Location: South East

Man given payout after he suffered brain damage for being prescribed wrong medication.

£4.5 million

Location: Yorkshire

Bullied doctor awarded payout after being hounded out of her job due to a series of discrimination attacks.

£5.6 million

Location: South East

Payout to young girl after a series of birth blunders left her with cerebral palsy.

£4 million

Location: North East

Woman offered payout after being left with 10 minute memory due to a series of NHS blunders.

£5 million

Location: London

Leslie Ash offered payout over fatal superbug hospital infection that almost killed her.

£12.4 million

Location: South East

Latin Dancer given NHS payout after a series of hospital blunders left her confined to a wheelchair after giving birth.

£3.625 million

Location: West Midlands

Payout for woman left severely brain-damaged after surgeon attempted to remove brain cyst with medical tweezers.

£3 million

Location: South East

Footballer’s son wins £3m NHS payout for brain damage suffered at birth.

£2.5 million

Location: South East

After suffering cerebral palsy as a result of being starved of oxygen at birth, Tia received a £2.5 million settlement despite the trust denying negligence.

Further Payouts In 2013...

In line with NHS reforms, some senior managers such as Sir Neil McKay, chief executive of the Midlands and East SHA, will be entitled to £1m payouts when their jobs are scrapped this year.

Where the money has gone so far this year...

  • £1bn redundancy

    Paid out almost £1bn in redundancy to date

  • 1300 senior managers

    Many six figure sums for more than 1300 senior managers

  • 173 received more than £200k

    Officially 173 have received more than £200,000

  • But we can’t afford it!

    Critics fear the health system can’t afford these payouts

  • 212 new clinical commissioning groups

    New management structure (CCGs) has led to new recruits with 6 figure salaries

  • £20bn in cuts

    £20 billion being cut from the NHS Budget

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