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Express solicitors secures £650,000 compensation payment for CRPS sufferer after injury at work

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The experienced team at Express Solicitor, led by Richard Lowery, Head of Employer’s Liability department were able to understand the complexities of Tom P’s case to obtain a £650,000 settlement from injuries sustained at work.

Following injuries received from the collapse of his office chair, which led to Tom not being able to work and requiring specialist support for pain management, Richard Lowery, who had prior experience in understanding the complexity of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) was able to secure a significant settlement. The compensation took into account the loss of earnings that Tom encountered from not being able to work and his future care and assistance he needs to live his life to the fullest.

“I would recommend Express Solicitors to anyone who has had an accident and especially those suffering from a pain condition such as CRPS.

The claim was fully prepared for trial and shortly before the team attended a joint settlement meeting with the Barrister, Mr Crilley was held and a settlement negotiated.

Tom concludes: “The compensation has allowed me to continue with my life and get the treatment that I required to relieve my pain. My solicitor Richard Lowery was just amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better solicitor and really do appreciate him being there for me. Richard truly cared about me and my case, it was never about the money and whenever I needed him by phone or email, he was there.

“I would recommend Express Solicitors to anyone who has had an accident and especially those suffering from a pain condition such as CRPS. He also arranged for a specialist firm to set up a Personal Injury Trust for me to protect my position and entitlement to benefits once I received an interim payment. I am so glad that he recommended this as I was later made redundant during the claim.”

Richard Lowery, from Express Solicitors, added: “As is often the case when Clients develop a pain condition, the initial injury can often be relatively innocuous. This inevitably leads to scepticism from the Defendant’s perspective and also from those treating the injured person.

“Thankfully, in Tom’s case we were able to obtain expert evidence from Dr Simpson in particular who identified and diagnosed Tom’s condition which enabled us to identify the correct treatment. From my perspective, regardless of the amount of compensation Tom ultimately recovered, it was gratifying that he was able to access treatment, as a by-product of the personal injury claim, which helped him understand the nature of his ongoing pain and also provide him with methods to help deal with the pain, albeit that that pain would never be resolved.

“The large award of compensation provided Tom with some security both for himself and his family.”

“Ultimately, the large award of compensation provided Tom with some security both for himself and his family, which was reassuring particularly as Tom was concerned how much he could work in the future. Cases involving chronic pain are some of the most complex we deal with and regardless of the damages recovered Tom will have ongoing pain, which hopefully he now has the tools to help him cope.”

An accident at work results in an employee left in debilitating pain

A ‘normal’ working day in the office, quickly spiralled into an ongoing health battle for Tom P, employed as a housing benefit officer at the time of accident, as he sustained a long lasting battle with pain management following the collapse of his chair.

Tom recalls the moment before the accident:

“The chair simply collapsed as I was sitting on it and I twisted and fell backwards.”

“I started with a headache and felt immediately sore. The following day I had pain in my neck, across my right shoulder and right arm and into my right hand. I could hardly move. The pain got worse over the following week and did not improve.

“Over the course of the coming weeks I went to my GP on a number of occasions, A+E and had various tests at hospital but I did not improve and was becoming depressed with the pain.”

Impact on accident on daily life

Dealing with and managing the daily pain impacted on Tom’s ability to continue life as normal.

“It wasn’t until nearly three years after my accident and after what felt like hundreds of appointments and tests that I was told I had nerve damage.

“Knowing the diagnosis and preparing a treatment plan for a way to get my life back on track was a relief.”
Seeking compensation, initially Tom instructed a small legal firm that he saw advertised in a waiting room: “I was aware that medical claims can take a long period of time to settle so was keen to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

“However, not much happened in four years and I wasn’t particularly impressed with the level of service I received. It was after that period of time that I decided to instruct the specialist team at Express Solicitor to support my claim.”

Life after the accident

Tom continues: “Soon after my instruction with Express Solicitor I went to see a pain expert.

Dr Simpson prepared a few reports in my case and provided an opinion to confirm I had CRPS.

She then recommended I attend a pain management programme at the international recognised Walton Centre, famous for treating patients with chronic pain.

“Following an initial discussion and ruling out a residential programme, as I didn’t want to be away from my home and wife for such a long time, I sourced an alternative local provider of pain management programme (PMP) which really benefited me. I have never felt as much relief from my pain as when I was on the course and using the techniques.”

Thanks to the specialist team at Express Solicitors, experienced in CRPS cases, Tom has used his significant settlement to seek the treatment he needs to be able to return to part-time work.

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