A Guide to Horse Riding Accidents

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Common types of horse riding accidents:

There are lots of different types of horse riding accidents, and injuries can even be sustained not only by horse riders but also spectators at equestrian events and those who are employed to care for horses.

horse 1Some examples of such accidents are:

  • Being bitten or kicked by a horse
  • Being injured whilst working with horses, such as a groom or instructor, at racing stables, livery yards
  • Suffering injury caused by being provided with defective or unsuitable equipment whilst riding, such as the saddle, reins, girth or riding hat
  • Being involved in a road traffic accident whilst riding
  • Suffering injury after being provided with an unsuitable or unpredictable horse
  • Suffering injury following poor instructions by the instructor during riding lessons or hacks
  • Suffering injury caused by riding on an unsuitable surface
  • Suffering injury whilst attending a riding competition

Common types of injuries

The nature of the injuries sustained in horse riding accidents can range from sprains and bruises to more serious fractures, spinal injuries and head injuries.

What can Express Solicitors do for you?

horse 2Often, accidents that involve horses can lead to complex and serious injuries. At Express Solicitors our specialist Solicitors have the experience and skills to pursue your claim and work closely with Equine experts to win compensation for injured clients. Our expertise and understanding of the complex nature of horse riding accidents means we can often help where other firms cannot.

At Express Solicitors we can take the stress out of making a claim by dealing with all the parties involved on your behalf and obtaining all of the evidence needed.

We can also arrange medical treatment for you to assist with your recovery.

What do you need to prove?

horse 3The law surrounding horse riding accidents can be complex and there are a number of factors that you need to prove in order to be successful. At Express Solicitors we seek to obtain all the evidence in your case to prove the other party are at fault. Depending on the facts of your case this may involve obtaining witness evidence from witnesses to the accident or who have knowledge of the horse involved, or even obtaining expert evidence from a suitable Equestrian expert.

In horse riding accidents the Defendant may be liable under the Animals Act 1971 or under common law negligence.

What you can do to assist?

  • Attend your GP or hospital to obtain treatment for your injuries
  • Report your accident to the riding school or owner and try to get a copy of the Accident Report Form
  • Report your accident to the Police if the accident occurs on the road or in a public place
  • Obtain the names and contacts details of any witnesses to the accident and anyone who has experience of the same riding school or riding the same horse
  • Take photographs of your injuries
  • Take photographs of the area where your accident occurred and the horse
  • Keep a diary of any care or help provided to you
  • Retain receipts of any financial expenses incurred

What can I claim for?

Not only do we seek to claim compensation for the injuries you sustained, we also claim for the financial losses associated with your injuries. The nature of injuries sustained from horse riding accidents often result in a person having to take time off work, undergo medical treatment and surgery and also requiring care from friends and family or professional carers.horse 4

What does the process involve?

The first step in any claim for personal injury is for us to initiate your claim against the Defendant. Depending on the circumstances of your case this may be the rider, instructor, owner of a riding stables, and driver of a vehicle or organiser of an equestrian event.

If the defendant admits liability, then the next steps in the case are for us to obtain medical evidence from a specialist medical expert who will examine you and prepare a report in relation to your injuries and the cause of your injuries. We will select a suitable expert depending on the injuries you sustain. We will also obtain all of the evidence in relation to your claim for financial loss and draft your Schedule of Loss, which is the formal Court document that outlines the past and future financial loss.

horse 5Once we have finalised all of the evidence in your case then we will obtain your instructions to disclose the evidence to the Defendant’s insurers and enter into negotiations to settle your claim. We will also carry out research into similar cases to advise you on the likely value of your claim and advise you on any offers of settlement.

If liability is denied, then the next steps in the case are for us to assess all of the evidence in your case to consider commencing Court proceedings against the other party. At Express Solicitors, we are often able to use our experience and expertise to pursue complex and difficult cases where other firms are unable to, in order to successfully obtain compensation for you.