Airport Claim

If you have been injured whilst at an airport, you may be eligible to make an airport accident compensation claim.

By their very nature airports are extremely busy places, and thus it is easy to slip, trip or fall and injure yourself – if you suspect that your airport injury was caused by another person’s negligence, whether that person is an airport employee, manager or a member of the public, contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to discuss making a claim.

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Common Airport Hazards

There is a wide range of hazards common to airports, all of which are capable of causing serious injury to both members of the public and staff. The most common hazards which result in personal injury include:

Suitcase trips: whilst wheeled suitcases with extendable handles are convenient, they are liable to tip over causing trips and falls that often result in serious injuries and ruined holidays for the victims.

Slips on wet floors: freshly mopped floors which have been improperly signed, or whose signs have been knocked over by members of the public.

Incidents involving airport vehicles: if a member of the airport staff has not received the training required to operate a specified airport vehicle, they often cause injury to themselves, passengers or other members of staff.

Manual handling injuries: staff required to handle large amounts of baggage often suffer manual handling injuries – a compensation claim can be made if the injured party has not received appropriate manual handling training.

Making a Successful Airport Accident Claim

If your airport accident occurred whilst embarking or disembarking an aircraft, in airport terminal buildings or during transport between the plane and the terminal, you may have a valid claim for financial compensation.

Whether you are a member of airport staff or a member of the public, you need to speak to a qualified personal injury solicitor if you suspect that another individual’s negligence was directly responsible for your injury.

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