Life as a Trainee Solicitor – Aidan Uttley

My life as a Trainee with Express Solicitors so far has been challenging yet rewarding. Express Solicitors usually employ people for a period of time in a Litigation Assistant role to help them develop the skills and knowledge.  As a trainee Solicitor,  I now manage my own caseload and I have been provided with the time and assistance required to allow my legal skills to develop in a natural yet structured manner.Aidan Uttley

The level of supervision so far has certainly been a highlight. I have weekly one-on-one meetings with an Associate Solicitor, regular interactive training sessions and I have been given access to huge wealth of resources available to assist in my progression.

From my first day as a Trainee Solicitor I have been encouraged to attend as many client attendances, trials or hearings as my diary has allowed. The firm have placed a huge importance on the development of my practical skills, and by putting myself forward for these opportunities I feel as though I have gained invaluable, face to face experience with the Court, our Clients and Barristers.

A highlight of personal injury work has to be the day-to-day Client interactions. On a particularly busy day I can speak with over 30 Clients which may seem daunting but, due to the constant discourse you can quickly establish a rapport and build up a trust which is extremely satisfying. This level of responsibility makes the work that I have carried out worthwhile, especially when their case is concluded with a positive outcome.

A strong culture of collaboration within the firm guarantees that you will have as much support as needed throughout your training but, the regular out of work activities and MTSG events allow you to really get to know your colleagues and develop relationships which extend outside of the firm’s working hours.

I have become a core member of the Diversity and Inclusion committee and regularly play in the Company’s weekly football tea

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