PIP Breast Implant

Express Solicitors is able to bring claims on behalf of those women who have been fitted with Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants.

The implants by French company PIP are thought to have been fitted in some 50,000 women throughout the UK, with private clinics performing 95% of fittings and the NHS five per cent. In 2010, PIP implants were banned when it was discovered that non-authorised, industrial grade silicone, normally used to fill mattresses, had been used rather than approved, medical grade material.

Tests have shown abnormally high rupture rates among PIP implants. When the implant ruptures the silicone gel can leak into the body resulting in the formation of scar tissue, which can change the shape or feel of the breast. It can also be an irritant, increasing the risk of inflammation and making removal more difficult. There is no risk of cancer from the industrial gel, but nobody can know the long term effect of leakage, even from implants that haven’t ruptured. While health officials in France and other countries have advised women to have their PIP implants removed, here in the UK medical advice is that there is only a need for removal if they are causing problems such as pain or tenderness.

The NHS has said it will remove and replace implants for its patients, but as it stands, women who had the implants fitted privately are likely to have to pay if they are concerned about risks.

The current situation with breast implants

In addition to PIP, it seems there are several other organisations that have let the women down. Some clinics were fitting thousands of implants and should have become aware of the problems if they were following up their patients while it has been reported that hospitals and GPs were telling patients not to worry and sending them home without investigation. In addition, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Auhority (MHRA) was in 2009 warned by lawyers that there were reports of problems, while many are questioning whether the government has done enough.

Newsnight even reported that The Hospital Group asked some women to sign a waiver that they will take no further action before they would remove and replace their PIP implants.

PIP went into administration in 2010, leaving women anxious and confused about how they can pursue a personal injury claim and how compensation would be paid.

Your Claim

Express Solicitors can help. If you have been affected by the PIP scandal or you are the family or friend of a loved one who you believe is eligible to make a claim. There is a time limit on claims, so call now. We can even act for males who may have had PIP pec or testicular implants.

Compensation can be sought not only for removal and replacement of the PIP breast implants, but also pain and suffering due to removal and replacement, additional scarring, psychological trauma and adverse effects on health in the future.