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£21,000 compensation secured after a slip at Victoria Train Station

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After a client suffered a fractured elbow after slipping on unmarked water in Victoria Train Station, liability was denied by all defending parties and sent the case into a legal quagmire.

Thankfully, Express Solicitors’ Stephanie Warlow was more than happy to help. She fought hard for an admission of liability and a substantial personal injury compensation claim of £21,000 for her client.

Slip at the train station fractures elbow

The victim was walking in Victoria Train Station, London, when she slipped on an unmarked puddle of water and fractured her elbow. There were no warning signs at the site of the water and it was later shown that this area was well known to the defendants as somewhere where errant rain water had been known to gather.

She was sent for an examination with an orthopaedic consultant who prepared a medical report which detailed her injury and gave a prognosis. The report showed that she had fractured her radial head in the elbow and due to the extent of the injuries would require care and assistance at home, along with childcare and domestic chores. She would also be required time off work and had to complete a period of light duties.

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Denial of culpability and the fight for compensation

Even with the knowledge that the area where the client slipped was affected by leaking rainwater, both defendants denied liability over the case.

This case was a perfect example of that just because defendants deny liability, doesn’t mean that you won’t receive compensation – as long as you have the right legal representation willing to fight your cause.

After court proceedings were issued and full disclosure of medical documentation was revealed to the court, it was apparent that the client’s injuries and subsequent loss of earnings were the result of the accident. The defendants later made an admission of liability subject to contributory negligence and causation.

Victory and a significant payout

Following the admission of liability, the parties entered into negotiations regarding a fair settlement. Stephanie Warlow and the team were proud to help their client receive the substantial settlement of £21,000 in order to compensate for her suffering and loss of earnings as a result of the incident.

Stephanie hoped that the case would prove to be encouragement for others who don’t believe their personal injury claims have a chance, “This case is a prime example of liability being denied by a defendant but justice prevailing regardless. We were really pleased to see our client leave this awful situation behind her with a substantial sum to help her move forward.”

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