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Compensation settlement for woman injured at the gym

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Fitness enthusiast Kathleen Harries was enjoying a regular session at Fitness First in Pengam, Cardiff, when she slipped on dry ice when using the sauna and injured her hip.

Despite her reticence to get an MRI scan to get a full picture of her injuries, she still wanted to explore all her legal options for compensation. After approaching us to take on the claim, we helped her secure £11,220 in personal injury compensation for her injury and the pain caused.

A less than relaxing trip to the sauna

In January 2010, Kathleen Harries was visiting her local Fitness First gym with her daughter. A fitness enthusiast, Kathleen was a regular at this particular gym and familiar with its amenities and layout.

After a workout session, she decided to unwind in the sauna before going home. After what was supposed to be a relaxing half hour in the sauna, Kathleen left to go back to the changing room and slipped and fell on her hip. Kathleen explains how a piece of dry ice left her in debilitating pain:

“People using the steam room, which is close to the sauna, were carrying dry ice in shovels to top it up and some of it had dropped on the floor outside. I walked out of the sauna and slipped on the dry ice, hurting my left hip.

“I was in so much pain that I had to be helped up. Luckily my daughter was with me and she took me to hospital where it was X-rayed. The hospital concluded that I hadn’t broken anything, but my hip was badly bruised and I was sent home with pain relief.”

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Securing compensation regardless of lack of MRI scan

Kathleen sought legal advice from Express Solicitors to help her pursue a personal injury claim. Solicitor Sarah Moore took Kathleen’s case and helped guide her through the claims process.

A medical report was required so Kathleen was sent to a specialist. In retrospect, Kathleen admits that she should have had an MRI scan taken but decided not to go down this route.

Regardless, Sarah and the personal injuries team fought the case without MRI results, relying on the testimony of the attending medical experts and witness reports to build a case.

Kathleen’s fall pushed her fitness levels back and made exercising hard for her. As a very health-conscious person, this was difficult for her to take and took its toll on her mentally, as well as physically.

Eventually, liability was admitted on behalf of the gym and Sarah secured Kathleen £11,220 in damages.

Kathleen was able to recover from the experience and was thankful for Sarah and the team for helping guide her through such a difficult time:

“I was pleased with the speed in which my claim was dealt with, as cases like these can be stressful. Fitness First admitted liability within three months and Sarah acted very quickly, which meant I didn’t experience any unnecessary anxiety.

“I cannot thank Express Solicitors enough and would highly recommend them to anyone else who has had a fall that wasn’t their fault.

“Everything is back to normal now. I’ve joined another gym and am almost back to the fitness level I was at before my fall.”

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