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Express Solicitors recover £1.65 million for motocross rider

Client Stories

After a motocross enthusiast was left with severe brain damage as the result of an incident on the track, Express Solicitors were able to secure them £1.65 million in personal injury compensation to help move on with their lives with comfort and security.

A tragic collision on the track

Our client, an avid motocross rider, was enjoying a practice session at a track in the North West. After their engine stalled, our client was stationary at the side of the track, at the far end of a jump near where other riders would land.

Another rider took on the jump at speed, unaware of our client’s position and his bike struck them on the head, knocking them unconscious and causing a severe concussion.

They were rushed to hospital, where they had to stay for over five months.

Tragically, our client now suffers from serious brain damage as a result of the collision. Symptoms include personality change, dizziness, reduced sense of taste and smell, impaired balance and slurred speech. Beyond never being able to ride again, he will struggle to maintain a job and will need help with many domestic tasks due to his injuries.

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Seeking justice for life altering injuries

Express Solicitors took on this claim with the mission of proving that the victim was not at fault in any way for the instances that left his life irrevocably altered. It was revealed at trial that the marshal responsible for the part of the race track where the incident occurred had not waved the appropriate flag in order to warn the other riders that our client was stood where they were.

As a result of this, it was argued and confirmed that the marshal had failed in their duty to keep the track safe, leading to the collision resulting in the serious injury to our client.

A fair settlement and secure future

At trial, the Express Solicitors team secured a monumental sum of £1.65 million for the client. This sum was to compensate them for their serious injuries, as well as to cover his loss of previous and future earnings as a result of their injuries, since it was argued that it would be incredibly difficult for them now to have secure employment.

The client also received domestic care in order to help them in their new home.

Express Solicitors’ Claire Boardman was pleased to help the client move on with their lives with added financial security, “This incident has altered the life of not just our client, but that of their family as well. While these are tragic circumstances, we were glad to help him secure his financial future and enjoy a life with as much comfort and confidence as they can.”

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