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£73,000 compensation claim against global supermarket chain

Client stories

Express Solicitors’ Jonathan Flattery helped Caroline Thomas win £73,000 in personal injury compensation following a legal battle against Asda.

Following an injury in one of their branches, Caroline was unsure about taking on such a large company, but Jonathan and the team secured her twice what she was expecting.

Dangerous fall at the shops

On Sunday 3 December, on a routine visit to her local Asda supermarket, Caroline Thomas slipped on unmarked water, dislocating her shoulder, breaking her humerus in three places and suffering dental injuries.

Caroline was given gas, air and morphine at the scene before being rushed to hospital where she had an operation to pin her humerus bone back together.

Caroline said that, while the physical injuries were excruciating, the mental anguish the incident caused was just as lasting,

“The injuries I suffered during my fall left me in excruciating pain and with restricted mobility and the accident also turned my world upside down emotionally.

“I’ve had numerous medical appointments with doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, and psychologists, which takes time and money. I needed dental treatment as several teeth came loose; one tooth was taken out and I now have plates, which have taken a long time to get used to.

“On top of this, I’ve suffered from anxiety since I fell, and it took me a long time to be able to go shopping again without having a panic attack; I was so scared of falling and injuring myself further or being knocked by other shoppers.”

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A compassionate, sympathetic, but determined legal approach

Caroline was initially hesitant about pursuing legal action at all, assuming that litigation against such a large global corporation was a non-starter. However, after some research and encouragement from friends, she reached out to Express Solicitors to bring a claim against Asda on her behalf.

Unintimidated by the size of the firm behind the defence, Jonathan and his team approached this case from a place of steely determination to do right by Caroline and ensure she got the compensation she deserved for her ordeal. Which is exactly what they did.

Caroline’s experience with proceedings was extremely positive: “Everyone I was in contact with was sympathetic and caring, from the young ladies who took my statement to Jonathan Flattery who pushed my claim through to fruition.

“Everything was explained to me fully and through every step I was told what was going to be done and what to expect next, which made me feel confident and determined.”

A momentous victory for Caroline

In September 2015, Jonathan won £73,000 for Caroline to cover her traumatic experience, injuries, loss of earnings, psychological damage, therapy, travel and care costs.

The team were delighted that Caroline could finally put her ordeal behind her as best as she could and move on with her life. The amount secured was a tremendous value, well above what would usually be expected in such a case, and an incredible achievement against such powerful opponents.

“I’m delighted with the amount of compensation I received. I really didn’t expect that much, even though I have been through hell. I was forced to give up work due to the accident so I will put the money towards my retirement and save a bit for my grandchildren’s university fees.

“I have already recommended the firm to family and friends; I cannot thank them enough for the care and support they gave me.”

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