Public Liability Claims

What is a Public Liability Claim?

If you have suffered from an accident on public property that wasn’t your fault it is likely that you will be entitled to make a public liability claim to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Who’s at Fault?

The company or individual who own the public area are responsible for maintaining it so that it is suitable for use by the general public; they are therefore responsible for any accidents that occur on these premises.

The owners of the public area should have insurance cover that can be used to compensate a member of the public in the event that they should unfortunately sustain an injury whilst on the property due to negligence.  Consequently, any claims for compensation of this nature would be made against the public liability insurance policy, held by the owner.

Where Do Typical Cases Happen?

The term ‘Public Liability’ covers a broad range of accidents and possible injuries. For more information on a particular accident please click on the page links below:

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