Spine Injury Claims

Causes of Spinal Injuries

Spinal cord injuries (SCI’s) are most commonly caused by major trauma from incidents such as falls, sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents. The symptoms vary widely for sufferers depending on the nature of the incident; from intermediate pain to paralysis, and can cause victims to have a total loss of function for the rest of their lives.

There are treatments for SCI’s involving controlled hypothermia and stem cells, but many treatments are still in the researching process and many people with SCI’s are often forced to adapt to their new situation for at least some months or years before their condition significantly improves.

Why You Should Claim

This can be a difficult time for all those involved, and it is therefore imperative to obtain the funds necessary to ensure that you, your friend or your family member with an SCI can pay the medical and rehabilitation costs that come along with a complex personal injury such as this.

Specialist solicitors are able to offer those with SCI’s through no fault of their own access to the funds necessary to afford the specialist equipment, care, home and vehicle modifications their condition requires – if their compensation claims are successful.

Why You Should Choose Us

Medical negligence, motorbike accidents, work accidents and assaults resulting in spinal cord injury are best taken on by personal injury experts with a background in dealing with spinal injury compensation in particular, if you are to have the best chances possible of receiving the maximum funds.

This area is one of the most complex to make and follow through with, due to the fact that such injuries tend to involve years of aftercare to improve the general quality of life of the injured individual. Our experienced solicitors are incredibly knowledgeable in this aspect of personal injury; making us well-placed to offer individuals with SCIs the most support, expertise and spinal injury compensation possible.

We work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis to ensure the peace of mind of individuals with SCIs as well as their families – plus helping you to cover the costs of aftercare, long-term treatment and for any money lost through an inability to work.

Jody’s Story

Government worker, Jody Forder, had just been given the green light by his doctor to go back to the gym and ride his motorbike when he was injured in a car accident that was to put him out of action once again.

Jody was driving along the M602, just about to join the M62, when he could see a traffic jam building ahead. Acting quickly, he put his hazard warning lights on and managed to stop his car, but when he looked in his rear view mirror, Jody realised the gentleman driving behind him wasn’t slowing down and was going to hit him.

He said: “I could see the guy behind coming towards me and knew he wasn’t going to stop in time. His car hit me at around 25 to 30 miles per hour and shunted me forward. Luckily there was space between my car and the one in front of me, so I didn’t hit it.

“I sustained whiplash injuries and hurt my back in the accident. It was very painful, but the hardest part of all was that I had just got my life back to normal after an emergency operation on my spine in April 2011. After the operation, I had to rest and couldn’t go to the gym or ride my bike. I had only been given the all clear to start being active again four weeks earlier. The car accident put me straight back to square one and it took me another 14 months of pain and immobility before I fully recovered. It was devastating as I lead a full and active life. My injuries meant my wife had to do much more as, for a short while, I couldn’t help with simple things like housework or dog walking.”

Following the accident, Jody called Injury Lawyers 4 U, which put him in touch with Manchester’s Express Solicitors.

Jody continues: “Lauren Asquith dealt with my case and was fantastic throughout the whole process. I wasn’t just another number to Lauren; she kept me updated throughout and was extremely helpful, empathetic and sympathetic. I felt that she was really wanted the best for me and was working her hardest to get the compensation I deserved. In the end I received £10,000 and I was delighted with that; I felt it was an appropriate sum for the pain and inconvenience.

“The impression I got was of a very genuine firm, which not only cared that I got justice but also that I got well. Lauren was professional, polite and always happy to hear from me. It was a relief to have somebody so affable on the other end of the phone putting me at ease – it made the claiming process less stressful.

“I used to be on medication every day but I now only take anti-inflammatories, pain killers and nerve suppressants as and when I need them. There’s definite progress and that feels great.”