Defective Implants

Defective implant claims usually revolve around three key issues:

  1. A faulty implant (e.g. PIP implants or DePuy ASR devices)
  2. A poorly carried out medical procedure (e.g. implant fitted in the wrong position, disfigurement, infection)
  3. Wrong sized medical implant

Express Solicitors have a specialist Clinical Negligence department that has expertise and extensive experience with handling defective implant cases. If you have had a medical implant that has subsequently had to be removed and/or replaced due to it been defective, due to infection or due to pain, it is likely that you will eligible for compensation.

If you would like more information on PIP Breast Implants please click on the link.

If you would like more information on DePuy hip implants please read below.

DePuy Hip Implant Compensation

ASR Metal Implants Manufactured By DePuy

Express Solicitors are able to bring claims on behalf of those people who have been fitted with ASR metal hip implants made by DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

DePuy gave out over $3bn to cover compensations claims in the USA.

Around 49,000 people in the UK have been given ‘metal-on-metal’ hip implants where the device’s ball and joint are both made of metal. The metal-on-metal can rub together, causing tiny metal particles to breaking off and seep into the blood, damaging tissue.

49,000 Patients Now Have To Be Monitored For Life

A hip replacement operation is usually life changing, taking away years of pain and disability, but it has now transpired that metal hip replacements are wearing down faster than they should be and poisoning patients.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has stopped short of ordering all metal-on-metal implants be removed from the market, but said the 49,000 patients with these hip replacements will now have to be monitored for life with a view to taking them out again.

Yet the MHRA has known since 2006 there were concerns about the hip implants and by 2007 the dangers had become well known. It is believed that DePuy knew about the damage that could be done to patients as far back as 2005.

The British Medical Journal has uncovered serious side-effects

The British Medical Journal has uncovered serious side effects in some people. Symptoms include pain and swelling in the area of the hip implant, problems walking, lack of flexibility and/or loss of mobility.

It seems no clinical trials were done before the DePuy metal hips implants, routinely used by the NHS for hip replacement, were put in.

The current system has failed patients and if you have been affected you may be eligible to make a compensation claim against DePuy, the MHRA and the British Standards Institution (BSI).