Catherine Citron

Senior Associate Solicitor
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Catherine Citron is a Senior Associate Solicitor at Express Solicitors. She works under Daniel Slade, head of the firm’s Public Liability and Occupier’s Liability division, assisting him with many unusual and complex cases. These include sporting accidents, non-UK accidents, accidents on aircrafts, and accidents on boats. Express Solicitors has built a reputation for taking on notoriously complex animal-related accidents (including horse accidents) and has successfully won a significant number of complex cases in this area. They have also dealt with many of the high-profile ‘toxic sofa’ cases, suing Argos and other large furniture suppliers for skin conditions suffered by many people across the UK from their defective sofas.

Catherine also handles many of the high-value, complex Road Traffic Accident cases that the firm works on. This has allowed her to garner experience of a broad range of Personal Injury cases since joining Express Solicitors in October 2011. Catherine initially worked in the firm’s New Client Department before becoming a Litigation Assistant in March 2012.

Prior to joining Express Solicitors she supervised a team in an IT consultants, where she honed her excellent organisational and communication skills. Holding a degree in Business Studies and Marketing Management from Manchester Metropolitan University, Catherine later completed her GDL at the same institution.

Catherine has extensive experience with Public Liability claims, below are examples of cases she has handled:

Cases reported in Lawtel

JP V Atlas Hotels Group


Catherine’s Blogs

Fundamental Dishonesty – What do we need to know?

£14,740 compensation after a fall in the street.

£57,00 for fall in an manhole


Catherine is South Manchester born and bred. She has a young son and, as one might expect, being the doting parent means she is regularly seen visiting the cinema, taking her child to feed the ducks in the park, playing on the swings and generally doing all she can to stop the little mite from eating worms.

Come the summer months, if Catherine can bag a crafty weekend without her little treasure then she’ll indulge in her love of music by attending a music festival. Reading, Latitude and the local Parklife festival have all been on her radar in recent years.

Catherine recently spent 59 minutes swimming in the Salford canal. We’re able to quote the exact time because this wasn’t a drunken episode, rather she was participating in the British Gas Swim. 59 minutes was the time it took her to swim one mile and raise a fantastic amount of money for Cantreat, a charity who improve the environment in cancer treatment clinics at NHS Hospitals in the North West of England.

Catherine has completed the Race For Life, which took place in June 2012. Clearly an individual who enjoys a challenge, she takes after the painter Pablo Picasso, who said: ‘I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it’.