Maab Saifeldin

Litigation Executive
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Maab Saifeldin is a Litigation Executive in the Road Traffic Accident department at Express Solicitors, having joined the firm in March 2019.

“I enjoy working with clients and building rapport and trust with them. I think it is amazing that they trust me, and I get to know about them and their lives and try and help them during this difficult time.”

“I believe my empathy differentiates me from others. I can easily put myself in other people’s situations and due to my emotional intelligence, I can understand and relate with people and clients.”

Maab studied Law at Lancaster University, and won an award from her student union for her work as a BME officer and president of the Ethnic Diversity Committee.

Maab lives in Wythenshawe.

In her spare time Maab enjoys, watching Korean dramas, learning their language, cuisine and culture. Maab also added “I like to annoy my little sister and spend time with my family. I enjoy writing, whether it be for legal websites which I currently write for called LittleLaw or writing poetry as a hobby. I enjoy listening to podcasts and watching true crime documentaries and TV shows.”

Maabs favourite quote-

“When a person shows you who they are, believe them.” Maya Angelou.