Maxine Holgate

Litigation Executive
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Maxine Holgate is a Litigation Executive in the Occupier’s and Public Liability department at Express Solicitors where she specialises in portal submissions for cases up to a value of £25,000.

When asked what she enjoys most about her role at Express Solicitors, Maxine answered: “I love interaction with clients and finding out what has happened in their case. I enjoy helping people and offering advice to assist them on their way to recovery.  When I have initial contact with clients they are often upset and stressed about the claims process and it nice to be able to talk them through what’s going to happen and build a rapport. By the end of the call it’s great to be able to hear the difference in their voice and know that a trust has been built.”

Maxine really cares for her clients and she prides herself on being a positive person. Maxine is a true believer in how a person’s mood can affect those around them. Maxine always aims to put herself in the shoes of the client and empathises in what they are going through. She comments: “I’ve personally been in a situation where I didn’t know which way to turn and I feel that this experience allows me to relate to clients who have suffered from an injury through no fault of their own. Most of the time, clients have never been through a legal process before and it great knowing that I have reassured them and they are confident with how the firm can help them. I will always go above and beyond as client care is so important to me.”

Maxine joined the firm’s New Client Team in June 2013 and her strong leadership skills were soon recognised seeing her get promoted to a supervisory role after only a few months working in the team. After gaining 2.5 years’ experience in the New Client Team, Maxine was then promoted to her current fee earning role despite having no formal legal qualifications. Maxine explains: “I am the first to do this within Express Solicitors which I am extremely proud of!”

Before joining Express Solicitors, Maxine developed strong customer service skills from experience gained working for an accident management company and the Premier Inn hotel chain. Maxine’s time working in these roles, ignited her passion for helping people.

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Maxine resides in Sale and in her spare time she loves to get muddy in the park playing football with her two sons, Callum (6) and Ryan (4).

Maxine also enjoys keeping fit and she regularly attends the gym and goes running. She has completed a number of fitness challenges including 5k/10k runs & 10k obstacle courses. Maxine recently completed Total Warrior and Survival of the Fittest, she comments: “I find these courses very challenging but the feeling you get when you cross that finish line is amazing, looking back at what you have put yourself through…. strength, stamina & determination!”

Maxine’s favourite phrase reflects her positive outlook on life: “If you have the power to make someone happy then do it. The world needs more of that.”