Nathan Harewood

Solicitor Advocate
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Nathan Harewood is a Solicitor Advocate in the Occupier’s and Public Liability Department at Express Solicitors. Nathan first joined the firm as part of the New Client Team in June 2015.

When asked what he enjoys most about the role at Express, Nathan responded: “I have always been interested in law as it’s constantly changing and every case is unique in its own way. I enjoy the fact that every case is different and you also meet a wide range of people, not only that but it’s a job which gives you satisfaction knowing you have helped somebody who needs it”.

Previously Nathan worked at Aldi Stores and understands the importance of providing quality customer service care. Nathan commented, “I like to go the extra mile to ensure tasks are completed to the very best standard”.

“I approach work with a positive attitude, even if the odds are stacked against me, I believe it’s better to look at things in a positive light as you will often find possibilities you never thought of before.”

Before joining Express Solicitors, Nathan completed his LLB degree and the University of Manchester. In addition Nathan then completed the LPC at the University of Law Manchester.


cases reported in Lawtel

Anderton V Morgan Sindall Group

Nathan currently lives in Oldham and in his spare time he enjoys taking a drive to somewhere new and then going for a long walk to visit new sites.

Nathan also enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes to expand his culinary knowledge. “I enjoy making food from all over the world especially Italian. I have a keen interest in Mixology to ensure every meal come prepared with the appropriate accompaniment”.

When Nathan has some spare time he also likes to try and keep his gaming skills sharp and has spent many hours playing Final Fantasy and Call of Duty.

Finally, Nathan also enjoys reading, his main area of interest being fantasy. His favourite authors are Brandon Sanderson, Trudi Canavan, Clive R Barker, Raymen E Feist and many others.

Nathan’s favourite quote comes from Bob Marley: “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”.