Nyssa Crorie

Partner - Barrister
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Nyssa Crorie joined Express Solicitors in December 2016 as an in-house Barrister and and Partner. Nyssa offers her support and advice to all departments. Nyssa was called to the bar in 2010.

When asked what she likes most about her role at Express, Nyssa responded: “Working as an employed barrister in personal injury litigation is relatively unique. For me it pairs the best of the self-employed bar (the avoidance of routine, the sharpness of thought, the unpredictable courtroom environment) and pairs it with security, a sociable working environment and the ability to really get to grips with cases through proximity to the file handlers.”

Further adding, “I enjoy problem-solving, achieving best possible outcomes, and being the fresh pair of eyes that can often bring a new perspective on a case.”

In respect of personal injury Nyssa has a wide range of experience across all areas but her particular focus at Express has been, in interim hearings in high value multi-track matters, all manner of complex procedural CPR disputes and disputes relating to expert evidence.

Nyssa describes her “conscientious work ethic and personable personality” as the reason why she is the best at her job.  Further adding, “I like to think I make a difference by trying to make life easier for fee earners when problems arise, offering a calm and reassuring approach whilst trying to resolve matters to the best possible outcome”.


Outside of the workplace Nyssa has many passions, her first of which is Netball, describing herself as a netball fanatic.

“If I’m not playing it I’m out watching it with fellow Club members, or watching it on Sky Sports whilst messaging fellow members to discuss what’s happening.  I joined Ladyhawks Netball Club in 2009 and count my team mates as some of my closest friends.  I play in a local league at Premiership level where we do very well (around third place usually), as well as the Cheshire Elite League where the standard of play is even higher (where we are often trounced by 16 year old whippersnappers).”

As well as netball Nyssa enjoys to travel, her most recent globetrotting being a 5 month trip where she visited Cuba and did a circuit of 6 countries in South America as well as spending 6 weeks in the USA. In 2012 Nyssa also visited Thailand, New Zealand and Fiji over the course of 6 weeks.

Finally Nyssa also enjoys comedy, live shows being her favourite as well as watching it in the form of film and television too. Nyssa commented,  “I try to inject humour into as many situations as possible; Coco Chanel puts it better than I ever could:  “You live but once; you might as well be amusing”.

Nyssa’s favourite quote comes from Amelia Earhart,  “Adventure is worthwhile in itself”.