Tayla James

Litigation Executive
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Tayla James is a Litigation Executive in the Road Traffic Accidents department at Express Solicitors, having initially joined the firms New Client Team in January 2017.

Tayla works on claims arising from vehicle collisions, bus accidents and pedestrian collisions. When asked what she likes best about her role, Tayla commented, “I find every day in my role very interesting, every case you get is different. I like investigating into cases. I really enjoy the team I work in, we always make the day better for each other with team spirit and helping each other out at all times.”

“I believe I am a very friendly person and it comes across on the phone. I always remember that the client doesn’t understand the legal process and will sometimes find the whole process daunting. I try and speak to them in a friendly yet professional manner so that they feel at ease. I always empathize with the client whenever I can tell they are stressed and upset about the situation, I try to make the conversation light hearted when introducing myself so that they can feel relaxed when I must go through the legal wording. “

Tayla has always had an interest in law and one of her biggest achievements to date was being accepted on to the Apprenticeship Scheme with Express Solicitors. Tayla explains: “I have always found an interest in law but after school I didn’t have the confidence to go ahead with academic studies, so to me being accepted onto the scheme has been a great achievement.”

Tayla is also a qualified make-up artist. Before joining Express Solicitors Tayla was part of the Manchester Regional make up artist team for Yves Saint Laurent.

Tayla currently lives in Altrincham and in her spare time she enjoys taking part in pole-fitness where she attends classes every week to help her keep fit and become stronger. Tayla says she has learnt this is one of the best and hardest forms of exercises for keeping toned.

Tayla also still has a huge love and passion for make-up and always tries to keep up with the latest trends on Instagram and still likes to buy all the latest make up to try and test out.

Tayla’s favourite quote – “The past can hurt, but you can either run from it or, learn from it” – The Lion King