£450m Earmarked To Improve Cancer Survival Rates

The coalition government has come in for a lot of stick in recent months for their cuts in many areas of public spending. Good to learn today then that UK GPs will have greater access to equipment and tests that should enable them to detect cancer earlier as a result of decisions taken by health ministers.

Money Spent Aims To Improve UK Cancer Record

Over the next four years 450million pounds has been set aside for MRI scans ultrasounds and chest Xrays. Health secretary Andrew Lansley is aiming to improve the country’s shamefully poor cancer survival rate by giving doctors the best possible chance of catching the disease early.
Currently patients who are urgently referred to a cancer specialist by their GP are guaranteed to have an appointment within two weeks. This was a Labour promise that the coalition has continued to back as they say it’s clinically justifiable.
A large proportion of the money will go towards funding cancer screening for patients who are not considered ‘urgent’ but whose conditions may warrant further investigation.  Hopefully this will mean fewer patients who do have cancer go untreated before their condition worsens.

Despite Funding Increase Human Error May Still Occur

Irrespective of funding human judgement is required to interpret physical symptoms and test results. Unfortunately the disease can occasionally be missed during screening and is allowed to develop and spread before it is eventually treated. In such circumstances a patient may be entitled to claim compensation.
If you or someone in your family has had a serious disease missed by medical professionals contact us to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist medical negligence solicitor.
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