£4,800 Awarded to Health Care Worker After Slip on Wet Floor

Miss Sarah Haines, a Health Care Work at a hospital, has been awarded £4,800 after she slipped and fell on a wet floor at work during the course of her employment.

On the day of her accident, Miss Haines was working the long day shift from 7:15am to 7:45pm at the hospital.

Miss Haines began walking across the ward and suddenly slipped on a wet floor, thought to be excess water left by the cleaning contractors at the hospital. There was no wet floor sign in place. She grabbed a table to keep herself upright but felt a jolt in her back as she did so. She finished her task and then went to report her accident to her manager and fill in an incident report on the computer.

Although she tried to continue with her work, Miss Haines found that her back began to hurt and got steadily worse throughout the day. Eventually her manager told her to go to the Accident and Emergency Department to be looked over.

She was briefly examined and given painkillers, but the pain was worse the next day. After several days and no improvement in the pain, Miss Haines went to see her GP on the 9th May, who referred her for an MRI scan on the 1st October. Her GP also signed her off work for 3 months.

On the 4th June, Miss Haines returned to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department where she was prescribed more painkillers, and was referred to a physiotherapist in September.

She began having physiotherapy once a week, and also started having hydrotherapy sessions too. Following her discharge in November, Miss Haines took a further two weeks off work before returning in December. Shortly after her return, she was able to manage without pain relief.

Miss Haines’ accident could have easily been avoided if the water had been cleared up properly and a wet floor sign had been placed in the area highlighting the risk.

Miss Haine’s succeeded in a claim against the cleaning contractors and due to the hard work of Robert Weeden, Associate Solicitor at Express Solicitors, Miss Haines was awarded £4,800 in compensation for her injury.

If you have suffered from an injury at work that was through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For free legal advice from a specialist Employer’s Liability solicitor, and help with making a claim please call 0845 456 4007.

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