£500.000 for Chef after a fall down stairs

Mr Pias Coral, a chef from London, was 49 years old when he sustained life changing injuries to his leg. He lived in a first floor flat in South West London with his long term partner. Late on a June evening in 2013, he headed out to his local shop. He walked down a set of stairs leading to the front door but the lighting in the stairwell was not working. As such, Mr Pias Coral was unable to see the steps and this caused him to misjudge his footing and he fell.

He fell all the way down the stairs head first, landing with his foot against the wall, twisting and breaking his leg and ankle just below the knee. He called for help and a neighbour heard him and came to assist him. The paramedics took quite some time to come and he was left in agony until they arrived.  The hospital diagnosed a serve break which has required several surgeries to fix the bone.

Mr Pias Coral approached Express Solicitors for assistance around 2 months after his accident. This enabled us to start early investigations with the landlord and his insurers who eventually admitted they were responsible for his accident and agreed to pay him compensation.

He had nearly 12 months off work and struggled financially to pay his bills and support his family. Even though his ankle had not recovered he was forced to go back to work as a chef in a prison. He required lots of help from the inmates to do his job. The medics considered that he would eventually have to give up this job, something he had done for a number of years. Express were able to obtain payments from the landlords insurers to cover some of his lost wages whilst he was having further surgery and treatment and had to take time off work.

Not only did he struggle at work but was also unable to help his partner around the house and needed significant assistance from her with self care and house hold chores. He could not longer walk for longer distances and struggled with the stairs, especially as his home did not have a lift and he had to climb to the first floor to get in and out of his home.

Unfortunately, Mr Pias Coral’s symptoms are likely to become worse as he gets older and he will eventually have to give up work. It is also likely that he will need a ground floor flat in due course and even more help around the house from his family.

After much negotiation with the landlord’s solicitors, damages were settled in the sum of £500,000.00 along with an agreement to re-open the case if his symptoms became so bad that he would need to have his leg amputated during his lifetime. Whilst we cannot take away the pain and difficulties he still has, this money has given Mr Pias Coral the financial security to give up his job, get the care and assistance he needs, move to a ground floor premises and adapt these premises if he needs to.

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