£8,500 for Man Who Broke His Arm After Falling in a Restaurant

Peter Davidson was enjoying a meal out at a local restaurant, when near the start of the evening; he decided to use the bathroom.

Mr Davidson walked down a poorly lit passageway towards the bathroom; however there was a deep step that he didn’t see. He completely missed the step causing him to fall over and he landed on his left arm, with the whole weight of his body landing on his left elbow and arm.

Mr Davidson managed to sit up and a member of staff who had witnessed the fall helped him back to the bar area of the restaurant where an accident book was filled in. The landlady then drove Mr Davidson to hospital where he attended A&E and X-rays were taken which confirmed he had broken his humerus bone.

Mr Davidson was advised by a doctor in A&E that due to the type of break he sustained it would require treating with a sling and gravity would help to repair the bone. Therefore a plaster cast was not put onto his arm.

Mr Davidson had to have a sling on his arm for a period of six weeks. After this he attended physiotherapy sessions every week, which were gradually reduced to every other week as his arm improved.

Mr Davidson had a CT scan 3 weeks after his accident to check how well the bone was repairing however it showed a long diagonal break in the bone. He was advised that the humerus bone hadn’t healed as well as expected and that surgery would be required to manipulate the bone in his arm.

A few months after the operation on his arm, Mr Davidson was advised by the hospital that that he had scar tissue in his arm that had not healed correctly. To help the healing process, Mr Davidson had to have a cortisone injection.

Due to the considerable pain and suffering Mr Davidson has experienced following his accident he has been awarded £8,500 in compensation. Thanks to the work of Sarah Mawdsley, the restaurant were found liable for the accident for failing to ensure sufficient lighting and for failing to warn customers about the deep step.

If you have suffered from an accident in a public place through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. For legal advice or to start your claim for compensation, call Express Solicitors on 0845 456 4007.

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