Have You Been in an Accident with a Foreign Vehicle?

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident with a foreign vehicle whilst travelling on an English road there are special things to look out for which many of us do not know.

After being involved in a road traffic accident most people are in a panicked state and want to get away as quickly as possible. This often means that they leave the scene without important information which will assist with the necessary vehicle damage and any possible personal injury claim.

First of all any vehicles travelling within the UK from abroad are likely to have a Greencard, this acts as proof of their European Cover. It is helpful if involved in an accident that you take a photograph of the Greencard or copy down all of the details as this helps to identify the UK claims handling agent and will speed up the process for any claim for your vehicle damage and any injuries you may have sustained.

In addition to the above it is also helpful if you obtain as much detail as possible from the third party driver by taking photographs of their driving licence, vehicle insurance documents and any other details they may have to hand (if you do not have a camera take a clear note of these details).

Always remember it is very difficult once you have left the scene to get hold of details needed particularly if the third party driver is not a UK resident. Try and take a phone number and name and address of the driver so that should you require any further information you can provide these details to your insurance company or solicitor to obtain these.

Another common problem faced is when you are involved in an accident with a foreign heavy goods vehicle which has a separate trailer. Both the cabin and the trailer are likely to have different registration numbers – MAKE SURE YOU TAKE BOTH and photographs if possible. It is often the case that the cab and the trailer are separately insured meaning that there are occasions when the correct insurer cannot be located as the correct registration number has not been obtained.

Ideally when you have been in a vehicle with a foreign driver and indeed any accident you will report the accident to the police who will attend and take details from each driver about what happened in the accident. This leaves the third party driver unable to change their story later and you able to more quickly resolve any issues relating to fault earlier on in the claim.

It is often the case that the police will not attend the scene of an accident unless the parties are injured, however if there are any problems with the third party drivers understanding or failing to provide requested details make a request that the police attend to obtain this information.

Take photographs of the damage to both vehicles where possible and ensure that if the vehicles are in the position of where the accident happened photographs are taken at a distance to establish the vehicle positioning (only take these photographs where it is safe to do so).

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident with a foreign driver which is not your fault and sustain injuries as a result you are still entitled to claim as with any other non-fault accident. Please contact Express Solicitors and speak to our specialist Road Traffic Accident Team.

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