How to Avoid Injuries in Cold Weather

Winter can be beautiful and it can be invigorating, but it can also be filled with hazards. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent winter injuries for the most part, and by knowing how to dress for winter and how to prevent common injuries, you will be able to get out and enjoy the weather without too much worry. It’s ok to embrace the season, just so long as you do so carefully.

Dress for the Weather

Venturing out in the winter takes some forward planning. If the weather is extremely cold, layers are the way to go. Dressing in layers also allows you to remove items easily if the sun comes out and warms things up. If you’re driving, always keep a coat in the car in case of a breakdown. You never know what can happen in the cold, and a long walk home with no coat may cause you huge health problems.

A hat and gloves should also be kept in the car – or put on if you’re a pedestrian – to protect your head and your hands. Hands can quickly become painfully cold during the winter months. Not keeping them protected could result in frostbite in more severe cold. Keeping your feet warm is also important. Wear thick socks, especially if there is snow or ice on the ground. A pair of warm boots will further insulate your body from the cold. Keeping your feet and hands warm does a lot to keep you feel more comfortable in low temperatures.

Your footwear is also important. You need to wear sensible footwear when the ground is covered with ice and snow. This is vital for both pedestrians and drivers, as you need just as good a grip on the pedals of a car as you do on the cold icy streets. Even if you’re heading out for a night on the town, make sure you pack a pair of flat shoes in your bag and use them when walking home.

If you do happen to suffer a winter weather related injury, all is not lost. Contact a specialist solicitor and they may be able to help you claim compensation for your injuries.

Pay attention to your surroundings

If snow is falling, or visibility is poor, it is more difficult for other vehicles to see you. It is also difficult for you to see them. Whether you are walking or driving, use caution. Slow down if you are driving and take care, particularly if there’s ice on the roads. Many injuries occur as a result of slippery roads and each winter the number of road accidents and slips and falls on our country’s roads, rises.

Follow the above tips to help you stay safe and injury free all winter. Stay warm, stay relaxed, and stay aware. With this in mind, you can enjoy the beauty of the season without fear.

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