Bafflement As Third-Party Capture Allowed To Continue

It was regrettable that a proposal to ban thirdparty capture has been dismissed out of hand by Justice Minister Lord McNally. An amendment to the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders bill had been tabled by a Liberal Democrat Peer and if implemented would surely have been good news for motorists.

ThirdParty Capture Offers Motorists Raw Deal

For the uninitiated thirdparty capture refers to the practice of insurance companies contacting motorists involved in accidents with an offer to settle early (and cheaply). The insurance industry euphemistically refers to it as thirdparty ‘assistance’ but as claimants routinely end up with a lot less than they would do if they were to instruct their own solicitor it’s a funny sort of ‘assistance’.
The reality of thirdparty capture is that you have very little control over your case. You are unable to choose which solicitor handles your case and you may be pressured into settling for a relatively low compensation figure before the full extent of your injuries reveal themselves. To me it seems there is a clear conflict of interest when your opponent’s insurer is selecting a solicitor on your behalf.

Independent Specialist Solicitor Firms Ensure Can Fair Compensation Package

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident then instructing an independent specialist personal injury is surely the only way to ensure you receive a fair compensation package. Choose a solicitor that specialises in your type of case. Choose a solicitor that is happy to arrange for you to see a medical expert so your injuries are properly assessed. Choose a solicitor that is both APIL and LEXCEL accredited.  Choose one you can trust with a credible reputation and success rate.
If you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident that wasn’t you fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Road Traffic Accident Solicitor.
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