BT Engineers Claim For Tinnitus And Hearing Damage

We are currently representing a gentleman who is suffering from noise induced hearing as a result of his employment with telecom giants BT. Our client worked as a below ground engineer in Bristol and used a tone set or oscillator (a device which creates ‘bleeps’ or ‘pulses’ to test lines) throughout his employment with the firm.

BT Admit Liability In Engineers’ Hearing Damage Cases

He now suffers from hearing damage and tinnitus a distressing irritating ‘ringing’ in his ears. Sadly he’s not alone many other BT engineers are coming forward and bringing claims. This was prompted by a major breakthrough when BT admitted liability in respect of certain types of tone sets that emitted excessively high noise levels that could cause damage.

CWU Estimate 100000 Engineers Affected By Dangerous Oscillators

It is now expected that BT will experience a deluge of claims as engineers

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