Client Awarded £3,066.32 For Accident in a Local Shop

Our client was in his local shop after finishing work to buy some bread rolls and milk. As he made his way to the till he had to pass two other customers in the store in the narrow aisles.  As he walked past the other customers he caught his leg on an exposed corner of a shelf which caused a deep cut to his leg.

Not realising the severity of the injury he went to buy his items and left the store. It was only when he looked down at his sock to see that it was covered in blood that he realises the extent of his injury.

After initially denying liability for the accident the defendants finally admitted that there was a problem with the shelving, after being threatened with legal proceedings.

The defendants still refused to offer our client compensation despite being provided with supportive medical evidence, therefore proceedings were issued in the county court.

The defendant still refused to agree any compensation for our client despite numerous offers.  The case went to trial at the Royal Court of Justice where we proved our clients case and he was awarded £3,066.32 which included an uplift due to us beating our previous offers to settle the case.

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