Communication Key To Happy Clients

Ever since founding Express Solicitors in 2000 my staff and I have placed a huge emphasis on client care. While striving to secure a fair compensation package I believe it is paramount that the client is kept informed of all noteworthy developments in their case and also in legislation relevant to their case.
Personal Injury can be a complex are of law and as one delves into niches such as medical negligence this complexity can be even more pronounced. So it really is crucial that we ensure our clients are happy by giving them the information they need to feel comfortable in pursuing a claim for compensation. 

Profession Manner and Effective Communication Brings Satisfaction

After digesting the results of a recent consumer survey undertaken by the Legal Services Consumer Panel I felt quietly vindicated as the survey found that the professional manner in which their lawyer acted was the aspect of ‘service’ that satisfied most customers.
The survey also found that consumers were least happy with their lawyer’s communication while the matter was progressing which makes me think Express Solicitors may stand out from the rest of the Personal Injury pack. If you read a little about our staff on their profile pages many cite the regular contact with clients as one of the most pleasing aspects of working here.

Express Solicitors Places Emphasis On Communication Training

This regular contact is something the partners insist upon and communication skills training forms a key part of our in house training and mentoring programmes. 69% of the 1100 respondents declared themselves happy with their personal injury lawyer but I’d like to think in light of the above and also the glowing testimonials we regularly receive Express Solicitors would score much much higher.
If you have suffered injury or illness in an accident that wasn’t your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Personal Injury Lawyer.
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