Compensation Culture: Fact or Fantasy?

Last month senior Judge, Lord Dyson, released a comprehensive report titled ‘Compensation Culture: Fact or Fantasy?’

The report outlines the perceived compensation culture in the UK and discusses the apparent cultural shift whereby ‘more individuals sue at the drop of a hat for any injury’. However, as the report clearly and rightly states ‘there has actually been no real increase in personal injury claims since 2000.’

In the 10th paragraph of the report, Lord Dyson mentions the Government’s recent Whiplash consultation which alone makes clear, a perception that there is a compensation culture, and that this perception has real and negative consequences. Though of course as some of us well know, this perception is not as grounded in reality as had been suggested.

As the Managing Partner of a personal injury law firm I feel as though I could not have written the report any better myself. UK compensation culture is entirely built upon perception and media hype opposed to reality.

To read the full report please click here: Lord Dyson Lecture – Compensation Culture

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