Difficult Defendants

Who is the ‘Defendant’? This is the person or company that you are bringing your claim against, and who has caused your injury through their negligence.

You and your legal representatives are one half of the equation – on your behalf, we are often dealing with 10’s of different parties. We will obtain your medical records for you, liaise with police to obtain any relevant reports, talk to witnesses, your medical expert and of course correspond with the Defendant.

Whether the Defendant is insured or not is one of the first things we investigate. This is important, as if we are only able to investigate and litigate your case with the Defendant directly, they may not know the steps and timeframes in which they must do things. In addition, they may not have the funds to settle your case. Unfortunately, this can sometimes add to the duration of your case as if the Defendant fails to respond to us or take proper steps the Court has to get involved and we have to wait for the issues to be resolved.

The trouble doesn’t stop there; sometimes Defendant insurers can overstep the mark. If you have instructed us, our job is to deal with the nitty-gritty, the paperwork, the procedure and the practice – if the insurer knows we are instructed, they have no business writing to you directly, either in an attempt to lure you into early settlement for a low amount, or to put you off bringing your claim by using threatening language which implies you are fraudulent. We know you have been genuinely injured and we are your spokesperson to that insurer to show this through evidence.

We know that this is new to you, but we have done this many times with great success. We can explain the process and advise you of your options at every stage. It may seem tempting to just take what is offered by the insurer but they do not have your best interests in mind, only their purse strings.

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