Employee Awarded £32,000 After Fall At Work

Mr David Walsh has been awarded £32,000 in compensation after a nasty trip at work caused permanent injury and limited functionality to his right hand.

On the day of the accident, Mr Walsh passed through a canteen on his way out of work. The area was extremely untidy and Mr Walsh tripped over something discarded on the floor. As he fell forwards, he put his right hand out to break the fall and grabbed a doorframe covered in a metal sheet. His hand slid down the sharp frame and he felt immediate pain in his hand.

Several of his colleagues ran over to help and a first aider was called before Mr Walsh was driven to his local Accident and Emergency department.

After being seen by two doctors, Mr Walsh was informed that the index and middle fingers of his right hand had been injured. His hand had been cut through to the bone and his arteries had also been torn. The doctors wrapped up his hand and sent him home, telling him to return to the hospital the following day for surgery.

It was two days before Mr Walsh was seen by a surgeon and an operation was performed to repair the skin of his hand and rebuild the tendons. Mr Walsh had physiotherapy treatment for the next 8 weeks and required assistance performing everyday tasks.

As a result of his accident, Mr Walsh has been left with permanent scarring on his right hand, as well as some loss in function. He also suffers from cold intolerance and is unable to make a fist or fully straighten his fingers.

Mr Walsh’s accident could have been avoided if the area of the accident had been properly tidied and cleared away prior to employee’s leaving the site. Due to the work of Kate Sanderson at Express Solicitors, Mr Walsh was awarded £32,000 in compensation.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own whilst at work, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For more information or help with a potential claim, please call Express Solicitors to speak to a specialist Employer’s Liability solicitor. You can call us on 0845 456 4007.

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