£6,000 for Chemical Burns

At the time of his accident, Mr Andrews was working in the external ducts of a power station completing cleaning works with colleagues. Mr Andrews’ employer had provided him with Personal Protective Equipment in the form of goggles and a hood, but Ductunfortunately there was still an open space at his forehead. After completing the works, Mr Andrews noticed a severe burning sensation on his forehead from where he had been sweating. Upon looking in a mirror, Mr Andrews noticed a green staining from where he was sweating. It was understood that this discolouration was from where the sulphur dust in the duct effectively became acid and causing chemical burns to his forehead once it reacted with the sweat on his forehead.

As an unfortunate result, Mr Andrews suffered second degree burns to his forehead which resulted in a permanent pale discolouration to his forehead which changes colour and causes discomfort in the cold. Despite his employer denying liability for his injuries, Express Solicitors were able to secure £6,000 for Mr Andrews’ personal injury claim

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