Express Solicitors’ Road Traffic Accident Team Wins Unique Case

Express Solicitors are used to challenging cases, and this year Rachel Flannigan and her team of skilled road accident solicitors have succeeded in winning £7,245 for a unique case.

Mrs Laura Price and her husband were in the car one day with their son. They were driving home when a van suddenly pulled out in front of them, moving from the left lane to the right.

Mrs Price’s husband was forced to slam on the brakes and perform an emergency stop. The force caused Mrs Price to jerk forwards in her seat, and she threw her left hand out in front of her instinctively, her wrist hit the dashboard and she was flung back into her seat.

When she returned home, Mrs Price experienced a sore wrist and suffered from a severe headache for 2 to 3 days after the accident. She also began to experience pain in the left side of her shoulder and her lower back. Mrs Price’s GP told her that she may be suffering from a concussion and prescribed painkillers.

For a long time, Mrs Price was unable to do anything using her left hand, such as picking up heavy objects, lifting her son and driving a manual car. She also still experiences neck pain and severe headaches.

This case was considered to be the first of its kind because a road traffic accident hadn’t actually taken place in this incident. The Price’s car hadn’t been hit by another vehicle, and the driver of the van that swerved into their lane was unaware that Mr Price had to perform an emergency stop.

However, it was the van driver’s careless driving that resulted in injury to Mrs Price’s wrist and caused her significant pain in her neck, shoulder and back.

Thanks to their determination and hard work, Rachel Flannigan and her team of solicitors succeeded in winning £7,245 for Mrs Price and her family.

This win highlights the skills of the Road Traffic Accident team here at Express Solicitors when it comes to handling difficult cases.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in any kind of road traffic accident that wasn’t their fault, call Express Solicitors today on 0845 456 4007 to discuss your claim for free. 

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