Information to Obtain at the Scene of an RTA

In the aftermath of a road traffic accident, in addition to being physically injured, most people are understandably shocked and shaken.

Although we usually know that it is important to obtain third party details, the emotional impact of an accident means that we often aim to do so as quickly and easily as possible, so that we can leave the scene and get back to the safety and comfort of our homes. In our haste, we often take down details incorrectly, fail to obtain everything that we need, or scribble information on scraps of paper which are easily lost.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, obtaining the following information will ensure that your claim will run much more smoothly:

  • Take photographs of the position of, and damage to, all vehicles – if there is an argument on who is at fault, these images will assist in demonstrating your version of events;
  • Take photographs of the third party vehicle, including the vehicle registration number – this will prevent any error in recording the information, and reduces the chance that it will be lost at a later date;
  • Similarly, if the third party has their insurance details to hand at the scene, take a photograph of the policy number. Lots of people do not know their policy number, or even their insurer, so don’t be too concerned if you can’t get this information at the scene. Your solicitor or insurer can trace this information if you can provide the third party name and vehicle registration number.
  • Ask to see photo ID from the third party to confirm that they are who they say they are. If possible, take photographs of the person.
  • If the third party provides you with a telephone number, call it at the scene. Most people have their phones with them most of the time and this will ensure that the number you have been provided with is correct.

Finally, if you are injured in an accident, do not delay in instructing a solicitor. Although you are entitled to make the claim within three years, the passage of time often means that key information could be forgotten. If you would like to discuss an accident, do not hesitate to contact our New Client Team on 0161 904 4660.

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