Man Injured After Becoming Trapped in Machinery in Merseyside

A 19 year old man was rushed to hospital after becoming trapped in machinery at his workplace in Bootle.

Two fire crews and the search and rescue team were dispatched to Spotmix Recycling after the man got his arm trapped in machinery which is used to crush recycled materials into huge cubes.

Once he was free from the machine his condition was analysed by a doctor, an advance paramedic, and two ambulance crews who administered any treatment they could at the scene. Once his wounds had been assessed, the man was airlifted to hospital and his condition was described as stable.

The Health and Safety Executive was made aware of the accident and attended the site the day after the incident in order to start an investigation to establish how the accident happened. The site is used to recycle a range of materials including; wood, plastic, cardboard, and metal and there are signs around the premises stating the use of automatic machinery and that safety helmets and high-visibility jackets should be worn at all times.

Spotmix Recycling is a family-run business that was established in 1985. It recycles around 95% of the waste that it collects and can handle up to 75,000 tonnes of waste each year.

Dean Tiplady – owner of the family business – has said: “All we are concerned about is to make sure the lad’s alright… I believe the lad is sitting up in hospital which is a good indication that he’s okay. All we know is that he was trapped by the arm after he put it into a conveyor. The HSE and the police have been with us most of the day and have shut down the recycling side of the business while they carry out inquiries. We’re a family business and we’re devastated with this.”

Express Solicitors would like to remind those working in recycling plants to remain safe and follow correct safety procedures. For more information, please take a look at this fact sheet compiled by the Heath and Safety Executive:

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