Media Report On Dangerous Harveys Sofa Protector Spray

We are currently representing a number of clients who have been victims of the Harveys Fabric Protector spray. The story was again in the news over the weekend with the Daily Record (the biggest selling newspaper in Scotland) reporting on a shocking case regarding the product.
Stacey Methven of Ayrshire used the spray after purchasing a 600 pounds sofa from Harveys. On the advice of a salesman she purchased the McKLordsmanufactured spray and applied it as per the instructions keeping the room ventilated and closed to the dogs.

Daily Record Tells Tragic Story Of Dead Puppy

Yet despite only using half the can her Border Collie puppy Tia soon developed breathing difficulties and had to be put down within 24 hours. The small dog developed sever pneumonia reducing her lung capacity to just 15%.
It is not just animal lovers who will be shocked and appalled by this story because it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to consider that this could have happened in a home with a young child who may well have suffered the same tragic fate as Tia.

Numerous Cases Of Serious Illness Caused By Harveys Spray

The clients that my colleague Jonathan Flattery and I are represent now suffer from a variety of symptoms after being exposed to the harmful spray including dizziness shortness of breath stomach pains nausea and painful rashes .
Harveys have recalled the spray and we urge anyone who has the spray to cease using it immediately but to retain the product as it may prove to be vital evidence in a claim for damages. As stated Express Solicitors are representing a number of clients with with regards to these products and with the increased media scrutiny we now expect many more to come forward.
If you have become ill after using the Harveys / McKLords sofa protector spray please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Product Liability solicitor.
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