PIP Breast Augmentation Link To Possible Cancer Scare

For many diverse and mainly personal reasons many women in the UK have undergone breast enlargement cosmetic procedures.  Although this type of surgery can provide many physical and psychological benefits it also can carry risk and there is new evidence to suggest that 47,000 women in the country are thought to have a type of implant (PIP) that has been linked to rare form of cancer known as ALCL.

PIP (Poly Implant Prothèse) were made by a French company with the same name. This type of implant caused widespread concern a few months ago when it was revealed they actually contained industry silicone opposed to medical grade fillers, and that the implants were also more prone to rupture and leak.

Suzanne Ellis, 31, from Widnes, has come forward with her own tragic experience that she believes was caused entirely by her PIP implants. In a Daily Mail article, Suzanne claims that her ruptured implants – which contained industrial strength silicone – poisoned her unborn baby.

Although stories such as that told by Suzanne are shocking and heartbreaking, the worst news is yet to come. Women with the PIP implants were completely oblivious and uninformed of any problems until 21 months after the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority knew they were substandard. Considering the dangerous nature of these implants it is difficult to believe that such vital information was kept from these women for such a lengthy amount of time.

It has been advised that anybody with the PIP implants have them removed immediately, especially if presented with symptoms such as breast lumpiness, pain or sensitivity, swelling, and discolouration.

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