Potholes: An Ever-Increasing Menace For Pedestrians

As the cold weather ice and snow sets in this winter the pothole breeding season reaches fever pitch. The AA warned last week that Britain faces a pothole epidemic a situation which threatens to get out of control before winter has even fully taken hold.

Increase In Potholes On Streets And Pavements

Their Streetwatch study is made up of more than 1000 volunteers who donate their time to asses our streets and pavements. This year each Streetwatcher found an average of 14.9 potholes in a one hour exploratory walk around their local area. This has risen from last year’s average of 12.9 despite extra repairs made by local authorities on remedying the situation.
It seems the potholes develop at a faster rate than they can be repaired leading to more dangerous roads and pavements. A recent RAC study found that four out of five local authorities had allowing for inflation actually cut their spending on road maintenance so motorists and pedestrians will continue to be at risk of accident.
What particularly irks me and other people I have discussed this with is the chronic shortsightedness of local authorities over the pothole issue. Often councils will fill in a pothole with a temporary solution that may last a few years (or even less) but they will then have to return to fix and even bigger pothole at the same site in the near future costing more public money.

Pedestrians At Risk Of Serous Injury From Small Potholes

A strategic plan to ‘cure’ the potholes problem as opposed to a temporary fix is what’s required. In 2008 35million pounds was spent on potholesrelated claims by English and Welsh councils more than half of what was spent on actually repairing potholes!
Furthermore more consideration must be paid to smaller potholes on UK pavements which are often not considered for repair due to their size. While these may not be large enough to cause a serious road traffic accident they can be significant enough to cause serious injury to a child of senior citizen.
If you or a member of your family has had an accident caused by a pothole on a pavement or road please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Public Liability Solicitor.
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