Accidents with Foreign HGVs on UK Roads

Having dealt with a number of cases of this type I have a growing concern for victims of these accidents and how little information we have to prepare us should such an incident occur.

With large numbers of Foreign HGVs travelling on UK roads transporting goods between countries we need to be more prepared for the consequences should such an accident occur.truck

Research suggests that these types of accidents are on the rise and lack of driver’s familiarity with UK roads and blind spots are expected to be the reason behind this.

It is important that should this happen drivers are aware of the complications that can be caused if we do not take the correct information at the roadside. These types of claims are more complex than what would be considered a standard road traffic accident claim in that we are left to deal with Foreign Insurers and their UK representatives which primarily need to be located.

It is advisable in any accident to report the incident to the police but in particular when the accident involves a foreign vehicle it is helpful to have the police attend to take all of the relevant information and ensure that each parties version of events is evidenced from the road side to avoid any later changes being made.

If parties are able to obtain independent witness details at the scene this will also be a huge help in working to prevent the need for court involvement later in the process.images5

The most important thing to note is that the driver is obliged to carry a ‘Green Card’ in order to travel across the UK borders and it is extremely important that we obtain the details from this card or preferably a photograph which will assist in speeding up the claim process.

Furthermore drivers should note that often Foreign HGVs will have different registration numbers on the front and rear of the vehicle which should both be taken at the accident.french-reg

In order to ensure you are best placed should you be unfortunately involved in an accident with a foreign vehicle whether injured or not you will need the information provided below:-


  • Take Photos – of both vehicles and the damage, registration of the Foreign HGV and the accident location
  • Report the accident to the police – preferably have them attend and make a report and take details of any reference
  • Get Insurance details
  • Get full details of the driver – obtain photos of any identification if this is possible, be sure you are able to provide a description of the driver
  • Get details of the Green Card – a photograph of this is preferable
  • Company details – obtain details of the foreign drivers employer
  • Make a clear note of exactly where the accident happened
  • Get details of any witnesses- both numbers and addresses if possible
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