SRA intervenes into Asons offshoot Coops Law

This week Express Solicitors were disappointed to hear of the closure of yet another law firm specialising in Personal Injury. Coops Law an offshoot of Asons which the regulators closed earlier this year The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have this week announced that it has been necessary to intervene to protect the interests of the clients.  Similar to Express Solicitors, Coops and Asons were a fast-growing firm but unfortunately they have suffered due to poor cash flow along with the crippling cuts to Legal Aid and the shrinking of the Personal Injury market.

Not only is the closure of law firms bad news for business and employees, but clients are also suffering. Clients’ claims are getting moved from firm to firm; they are sometimes left in the dark, and increasingly have fewer options to choose from in terms of who they make their claim with. At Express Solicitors, we are confident that we stand in a strong position for the up-and-coming law changes, we have good funding and a strong management team to help with any changes required to the business. Despite the next few months being tough for Personal Injury law firms on the whole, Express will continue to offer an excellent level of customer service to clients. We have been open and honest approach to communication with our clients


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