The Sun Discuss Toxic Sofa Cases

Britain’s biggest newspaper, The Sun, has recently run several news stories about the Harvey’s toxic sofa spray cases. Victims, many of which are represented by Express Solicitors in claims for damages, have experienced vomiting stomach cramps chest pains dizziness and palpitations after using the spray.

Toxic Sofa Spray Causes Dog To Be Put Down

Thankfully there have been no human fatalities as a result of using the spray. But The Sun reported on 14th January how one of my client’s dogs had to be put down after she had used the spray in her home. The damage caused to the puppy’s small lungs meant the dog was too sick to live so it doesn’t bear thinking about the damage it could have done to a baby were they to come into contact with it.
Then on 17th January The Sun reported the link between the sofa spray and heart attack type symptoms and on 23rd January the paper reported how one of my client’s wedding and honeymoon was ruined due to chest pains and breathing difficulties having used the spray close to his wedding day.

Advice Is To Retain Sofa Spray Can Packaging

As Head of the Product Liability Team at Express Solicitors I was quoted in each article. My message is clear: if you have used the spray and have suffered symptoms consistent with those above contact your doctor immediately. Furthermore, retain the spray can as it may prove to be vital evidence in a claim for compensation against Harvey’s.
The spray was withdrawn from sale in June 2011 amid safety fears but if you or someone in your family has used the product at all then please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Product Liability Solicitor.
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