Third Fatality In A Year At Chipboard Factory In Greater Manchester

I was shocked to learn of the recent death of a 62 year old man at a factory in Greater Manchester.  Mr. James Kay was working as a subcontractor at the Sonae plant which manufactures chipboard and particle when he suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene on Saturday morning.

Factory Death Timely Reminder Of Importance Of Health & Safety

Due to the mass media coverage of the riots the incident possibly didn’t garner as much attention as it would have in a ‘normal’ news week. Yet the incident serves as a timely reminder that factories are fraught with dangers and accidents do occur. Couple this with the inherent dangers Mr. Kay would have faced in his role as a construction worker and it leaves a small margin for error.
Investigations are ongoing to establish the precise cause of the man’s death but it is interesting how local MP George Howarth as recently as June called for the plant to be closed down. He believed it was unsafe following a devastating fire posing a risk to workers the public and fire crews.  Furthermore inDecember two workers employed by the factory suffered untimely deaths after falling into machinery.

Series Of Incidents Suggest Health & Safety Improvements Required

The controversial Sonae plant has amassed fines surpassing tens of thousands of pounds from the Health and Safety Executive since 2000. The results of the investigation into the third death at the plant in a year would do well to enforce improved safety measures at the plant with immediate effect to protect the lives of workers and subcontractors.
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