Forever Manchester Birthday Bash

Express Solicitors were proud to be nominated for “Business Supporter of the Year” at the recent Birthday Bash for Forever Manchester.  Express Solicitors were also the main sponsor of the event and very proud to be associated with this wonderful charity and see some of the community groups in action such as Strictly Wheels, Mature Movers and String Infusion.  It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to working with Forever Manchester in the coming year. This is the third year that we have sponsored the Birthday Bash. Its great to see so many companies from Manchester coming together to support smaller community groups and small charities. Having sat in of the funding meeting where we get to find out who is asking for money and why they want it is a heart-warming experience. From community dance organisations to groups of older people who meet to chat and Knit. All have value in the surrounding communities and all need that little bit of help to keep going. Its an honour to be associated with Forever Manchester who facilitate so much good to such diverse smaller organisations.

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Pictured is Carole Jones, Clare Hurst, Paul Streets, Becki Stevens, Carly Ablott, Captain Manchester, Jennifer Lutton, Sarah Mawdsley, Alex Summerscales and Carly Ablott

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