Mental Health Wellbeing Week

16 – 20th May saw Mental Health Wellbeing Week.  As a responsible employer we celebrated this week and had many touchpoints for staff to access to make sure mental health awareness is at the top of our agenda.  There is a lot we can do as an employer in supporting employees to have positive mental health.

We had Manager training by Peter Woodruff who kindly donated his fee towards the Mental Health Foundation which we put with money we raised.  We had wellbeing walks at lunch time around the River where we work, there are some great circular walks nearby; we had prioritisation training by Recruitment and Training Manager Luiza Da Costa and a talk from Partner Rachel Flannigan on this often silent issue.


We continue to have fresh fruit delivered to the office twice a week for all staff and Partner Sarah Mawdsley even managed to arrange massages and facials for people with Murad (Trafford Centre team) and David Roberts Physio kindly donating their time.

Well-being is an important topic and here at Express Solicitors, we work hard but also make sure we find time to balance our commitments with a  supportive environment.


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