£11,800 compensation for a fall on uneven pavement.

The Claimant who was 58 years old at the time of the accident has achieved compensation of £11,800.00 following an accident when she was caused to trip and fall as a result of an uneven and poor condition pavement.

After Instructing Express Solicitors the Claimant promptly obtained photographs of the pavement area.

The photographs were invaluable to the Claimant’s claim as Express Solicitors were able to notify the Defendants precisely as to where the accident had occurred and also indicate the poor condition of the pavement.  The Council who were responsible for maintaining the pavement and keeping it in a safe condition were put on notice of the Claimant’s significant injuries including a fracture to her wrist.  Express Solicitors obtained an Admission of blame from the Council within 2 months.

A medical report was put to the Defendants detailing the Claimant’s injuries and thankfully the Claimant is expected to make a full recovery within 9 months.  The Claimant had sustained some scarring which was permanent.  In addition to the Claimant’s injuries she had also sustained loss of earnings, treatment costs and travelling expenses.  These were recovered in full from the Defendants and a sum was additionally recovered for care and assistance that was provided by friends and family members.

Should you have been injured as a result of the poor condition of a pavement or road it is important to take photographs of the offending area as soon as possible, also making a note upon the date such photographs were taken.

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