£12,000 for Lady Who Slipped at Work After Her Insurers Offered Her £2,000

Rachel Gibbons has been awarded £12,000 in compensation after a nasty slip at work left her with severe pain and mobility difficulties.

Miss Gibbons worked as a detention custody officer for an immigration detention centre in Middlesex where her duties involved supervising detainees. One day whilst at work, Miss Gibbons was walking along a corridor to deliver some paper work to a different unit. As she was walking, she suddenly slipped on some water which was on the floor due to a leak from the showers upstairs. Miss Gibbons didn’t see the water on the floor as it was dark and the lights were off. As she fell onto the floor, Miss Gibbons wacked her knee and her hip on the floor and landed onto her back.

After the accident Miss Gibbons tried to carry on working. She continued for a few hours but her leg started to swell so she went to A&E. Her employers had already been made aware of this leak as her colleague had reported it previously. Miss Gibbon’s boss saw the water leak that day and called the cleaners to put the sign up but they had failed to do so.

After the accident, Miss Gibbon suffered from pain in her knee which also regularly swelled up. She had difficulty climbing stairs and struggled walking long distances which hadn’t been a problem for her previously. Miss Gibbons had difficulties partaking in her favourite hobbies such as dancing, badminton or the gym due to her pain.

The detention centre’s insurance company admitted liability and they offered Miss Gibbons £2,000 in compensation straight away.  Luckily Miss Gibbon’s did not accept this offer and instead came to Express Solicitors. Thanks to the work by Rob Weeden at Express Solicitors, Miss Gibbon’s has been awarded £12,000 in compensation.

If you have been injured at work through no fault of your own, call Express Solicitors on 0845 456 4007, for free legal advice and help with your claim for compensation.

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