£1,750 Awarded to Mental Health Volunteer

Gary Hague was a volunteer for his local men’s mental health group. One evening he was sat at a table in front of a window, while taking a record of attendance. Soon after sitting down the window fell and hit him on the back of the head.

The whole window pane, including the frame, fell from the wall and caused immediate pain in his head. A centre manager and a technician came to the scene to see what had happened but the meeting went on as normal and it was unclear how the pane was put back in place.

When he left the meeting he returned home and the pain became much worse, also affecting his neck and shoulders, so he took painkillers. The next day, the pain hadn’t improved so he arranged an appointment with his GP who said the pain should ease, so advised painkillers and a scan if there was no improvement in a few days.

Later that same day Mr Hague was worried that the damage could be worse that the GP had suspected so his daughter took him to the local hospital. Here he wasn’t given a conclusive diagnosis but was told that he was suffering with concussion. He was discharged the same day.

The pain lasted for around three weeks and, at times, could be exceptionally painful for long periods of time. Before the accident Mr Hague had never suffered with migraines or neck pain.

The doctors advised him to rest and for a period of time after the accident he relied on friends and family to help with shopping, cleaning and cooking as he found that doing too much would make the headaches much worse; the headaches could develop to the stage where he was unable to listen to music or paint. This was significant as he is a trained artist so spent a lot of time painting.

Since the accident the same window has been put back into place. However, for a week following Mr Hague’s accident there was a table positioned underneath the window which prevented anyone from sitting there.

It is unclear as to whether an accident report was filled out but the incident hasn’t been mentioned to Mr Hague since.

Catherine Moore, from Express Solicitors, took on this case and managed to secure £1,750 in compensation for Mr Hague.

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