£1,750 Awarded To Costa Coffee Employee After He Got Electrocuted Whilst At Work

Trainee Solicitor, Raana Afsarpour, has won £1,750 for Gareth Steeples after he got electrocuted whilst working in a branch of Costa Coffee.  Mr Steeples works as a Caterer at the popular coffee shop chain – Costa Coffee. One day whilst at work, the dishwasher stopped working as one of the water pipes leading into it had snapped. Water began to gush out onto the floor and for 15minutes Mr Steeples held the pipe in place in an attempt try and prevent further water leakage.  To help solve the problem, his Assistant Manager asked him to press a button on an electrical switch located on the wall above the dishwasher.  Mr Steeples presumed that this button would stop the dishwasher and therefore also stop more water gushing out onto the floor. However, unfortunately when Mr Steeples pressed the button he got electrocuted.

Mr Steeples said that he felt painful shockwaves in his right arm and chest. After the shock he immediately left the kitchen and rushed to the bathroom where he began to vomit. Mr Steeples travelled to hospital where he was examined and his blood pressure was taken. Luckily, he was okay and there were no long term serious health repercussions from the electrocution.  As a result of this accident, it can be pointed out that Costa Coffee failed in their duty as employers to maintain the safety of the workplace.

For anybody who has an accident in the workplace (that was through no fault of their own) the Workplace Regulations 1992 apply. These regulations require all employers to provide a safe working environment, free from obstructions, defects or substances that could cause somebody to become injured.

Thanks to the work carried out by Raana Afsarpour at Express Solicitors, Mr Steeples has been awarded £1,750 in compensation for the pain and suffering sustained from the injury and his loss of earnings.

If you have been injured at work and it was not your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Employers Liability Solicitor.

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