£19,000 after Bus Accident

The client Mrs Pyne , on the 8th July 2014 the client was collecting her grandchildren from school, when she caught the bus which was very full and many people had to stand. The client was standing near the middle of the bus when without warning the bus braked sharply, causing other passengers behind her to fall down onto her in  a domino effect. The client felt a sharp pain in her left leg and was knocked to the floor, twisting the left knee as she fell. The driver continued without asking if anybody was hurt. When the client attempted to get off the bus she was unable to bear weight on the leg.Yvette

The next day die to the pain the  client attended A&E, where she was x-rayed. The x-ray showed she had suffered a bilateral fracture with significant joint depressi on the left knee. A day later she had emergency surgery where her knee was pinned and plated . As result of this surgery she had to move in with her daughter as she lived in a flat and was unable to get up and down  the  stairs. The client needed crutches to aid her mobility.

In total the client remained at her daughters home  for three months in which she required help with , dressing bathing and other day to day activities such as cooking and cleaning . The client was then examined by an orthopaedic consultant who provided 3-5 year prognosis , and also advised that due to the injury her chances of developing osteoarthritis in the knee had significantly increased.  Based on the JC guidelines I valued the case up to £21,000 . after negotiations the case settled in the sum of £19,000. The client was extremely happy with her settlement and advised that when she put forward the claim she never imagine she would receive the level of compensations awarded. She was very happy with the service provide by Express Solicitors.


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